‘A mentor helps you choose your future’

Steve Morantz - Consulting Mentor, real business experience, real skills.

I help forward thinking people make choices that really work for them and their businesses.

 “Business mentors can transform your business by helping you to tackle the challenges you face and achieve your business goals.”

Association of Business Mentors


  • The challenges and opportunities for the UK business community are bigger than ever.

  • Spending money on a business mentor is a great investment.

  • Most business owners and managers who have used a mentor say they are invaluable to their commercial growth.

  • Mentors have real business experience saving you time and averting potential issues through practical advice that works.

  • A mentor helps with your personal development and is there when you need to talk things through.

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Call me to discuss how my approach to mentoring can work for you.

I work in partnership with my clients and offer complete flexibility to meet face-to-face, by phone or video.

A range of solutions are also available designed specifically for you and your business, such as: strategic consultancy, market research/insight projects, innovation and product development workshops with your team

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