‘A mentor helps you choose your future’

I am a Consulting Mentor, I follow the Consultant Coach Mentor model. A CCM is blend of consultant, coach, mentor and an experienced business professional who has built their own successful businesses and adapt their approach and style to suit the specific situation. 

About Me

  • 30 years of experience in providing business consultancy, research and insight to multi-national corporations and small and medium sized enterprises and

  • 20 years as an investor, non-exec director, mentor and coach

  • An official mentor for the Market Research Society

  • Member of the Association of Business Mentors - My experience and qualifications have been verified, and I have made a commitment to my own professional development

  • Certified Member of the Market Research Society

  • BSc in Psychology and MSc in Business Psychology

  • Coaching skills training

As a Consultant

  • I led teams in delivering thousands of major insight programmes for some of the largest corporations, and small and medium businesses, in the UK and across the world. 

  • In the course of over 30 years in research and other types of consultancy, I have worked across a very broad range of business sectors and markets.  I have personally conducted qualitative in depth-discussions with tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and levels of responsibility.

  • My consulting business offered an holistic approach to supporting businesses, centred on understanding the vision of our clients, exploring opportunities current and emerging in the market and delivering clear recommendations for action on strategy, marketing, product development, branding, customer service and communications.

  • After 20 years delivery of insight consulting, I have turned to focus on offering the CCM model of business support.

As a Business Leader and Entrepreneur

  • I have run several businesses and have employed hundreds of skilled people. This includes market research companies, a successful online retail business and a video production company.

  • I have invested in several start-ups and been an Executive Board Director and Non-Executive Director for several businesses.

As a Mentor and Coach

I have mentored many people, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, senior managers, professionals, artists and musicians.