If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Or in this case, if it looks like a dynamic, fast-growing, innovative, tech start-up, acts like a dynamic fast-growing, innovative tech start-up, thinks and communicates like a dynamic, fast-growing, innovative, tech start-up, then it probably is a Dyfagitsu!

Everyone loves an Dyfagitsu! The people who work for them, the people who start them, their families and friends, investors, journalists, clients, suppliers, the government’s chief financial minister, etc.

If it’s environmentally friendly and ethical, the Environment, the Earth and the entire Universe will love it too.

So, when you’ve faced up to the impact of CV19 on your business and you’re ready to Pivot, Start-again or Start-up make sure that you do it with the vision, creativity and processes of an environmentally-friendly, ethical, dynamic, fast-growing, innovative, tech start-up - an Efedyfagitsu.

We can’t go on calling it an Efedyfagitsu because it’s a mouthful and by the time you’ve remembered to say all the syllables your potential investor will have gone off to buy a student flat to rent out instead. It doesn’t quack like a duck!

So, to help come up with a better name, beyond the tags, what kind of duck are we talking about? What does one of these businesses look like, act like and communicate like?

It must look the part; be attractive, fit, healthy, a team player, for people to believe in it. The best word I can think of for something that does this is Sports. And it also must have Sustainability built in, it will be built to survive crises and do this in a way that doesn’t do damage, rather it acts to repair the environment. So, it needs an S.

What does it act like? A key aspect is that it adapts to the environment and works in sync with it to maximise the benefit for the environment, including all people and organisations involved. This sounds a bit like Utilitarianism.

Utilitarianism holds that the most ethical choice is the one that will produce the greatest good for the greatest number. Jeremy Bentham, an 18th Century philosopher synthesised this, but it’s a kind of mash-up of a whole host of other people’s thinking towards trying to do the best you can for everyone, all at the same time.

What does it need to communicate to others? A key aspect is that it has to be dynamic and capable of moving about to do this, no matter where it is, a bit like a Lunar Rover. It needs to be able to change products when necessary, learn to move niches as the environment changes, whilst carrying everyone wherever it goes, also carrying and protecting the investments in money, time and effort that are made in it. There’s a word that fits this very well already, in use in the transport and financial sectors – a Vehicle.

So, instead of an Efedyfagitsu, the ideal business of the future that will carry you and your team through any crisis to whatever objective you have, whilst being beneficial to all around you and those you don’t know, whilst also being in tune with nature – let’s call this business an SUV for short.

How do you get one of these SUVs?

Like all start-ups - You must build it yourself.

Firstly, you need an engine for your SUV: a Continuous Objective Renewal Engine, a CORE for your business.

Click here to start the process of building your own SUV; an environmentally-friendly, ethical, dynamic, fast-growing, innovative, tech start-up business.