On the importance of being in motion.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Amazon reportedly encourages a start-up mentality, it’s always Day One. The Day One mentality, which runs through the decision making parts of the business, means that change is considered not only essential as a response to circumstances, but essential as part of learning and growth, completely normal and to be encouraged in day to day business activities.

It helps if you are bankrolled by investors with deep pockets and very long timescales who believe in a huge vision and are prepared to accept billions of dollars of debt for more than a decade in exchange for future market domination.

However, we can all learn something from this approach (Day One) and apply it ourselves, within an ethical and environmentally responsible framework and in smaller form, funded in smaller ways.

In a parallel, you can see this principle, the importance of always being in motion, for yourself in the physical world. The best way to achieve a stable platform in an unpredictable, changing environment, is to be in motion continuously. By imposing a force on your environment, you get something in return that is predictable, thereby reducing the proportion of external forces acting on you at any one time that are unpredictable. So, the external environment becomes more predictable, in other words, more stable relative to you.

Think about skiing, staying upright on a bouncy bus by moving around, gymnastics, injecting a powerful move in chess, the gyroscope effect, in all of these things adding your own rhythm or motion helps bring relative stability to the environment, to you. That is stability for the actor, allowing them a better platform for making their acts more successful.

Think about ‘business mavericks’ who like to mix things up and act as disruptors, they destabilise those around them by making the environment less predictable and by doing so also make the environment more predictable for themselves, in an exclusive fashion. This works in sports, games of strategy and politics as well…

If you want to impose some stability and drive your business success you need a process for staying in motion, productively. You need a CORE. Click here for more...