Mentoring For You & Your Business


Working with me as a consultant, coach, mentor can help you personally and help your business to anticipate change and:

  • Enable the human potential within your business,

  • Engage with emerging niche market opportunities

  • Excite your people, customers and collaborators to differentiating benefits offered by your products and services

Innovation & Product Development

In order to make use of new opportunities, however they appear, businesses need to innovate or make incremental changes to optimise existing aspects of operation.

My experience over 30 years with a large and diverse range of clients working to deliver large scale  innovation projects and incremental product/service development offers my clients a highly valuable resource.

Horizon Scanning

As a leader, you need to foresee changes in technology and trends in customer behaviour, political upheaval and legislation, and respond to crises such as market crashes, and environmental and health emergencies.

A key part of my work with clients to help develop effective ‘horizon scanning’ so that they can keep a clear view of how their existing business niches are changing and of the early emergence of new niches that offer their businesses attractive additional opportunities.

Maintaining Agency

Agency is a key attribute for effective business leaders. Our highly pressurised working lives can rob us of agency. It can become difficult to maintain clarity of purpose and to understand which actions to take in complex situations and when under heavy external pressures. 

Working with me as your mentor offers a way for you to retain and enhance your own personal agency to make positive choices on your own terms.

I work with you directly in one-to-one sessions to help you develop the mindset to make the forward-thinking choices you need, no matter how complex and pressured the situation.

I can work with you and also with key members of your team to help them develop the clarity to transform your business.​



If you are looking to Pivot, Start-Up or Start Again and you want to look at the whole of your business and build a resilient and robust entity that can handle everything the future can throw at it and thrive, then the CORE business model is for you. 

Watch the video below to get an overview then call me to discuss how to get started on your ultimate business model....